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How To Order

The Lighthouse Gang series of books are scheduled for release as follows:


Book One WHY IS THE SKY BLUE To be announced
Book Two A TRIKE FOR EVERY TIKE To be announced
Book Three A PROMISE KEPT To be announced
Book Four WHY AM I DIFFERENT To be announced
Book Five TAYLOR'S CHOICE To be announced
Book Six A TIME TO SWEAT To be announced
Book Seven YOU LIED To be announced

Reserve your book(s) by sending an email to Michael's email. I will notify you thirty days before the books(s) is available for shipment. You can then go to PayPal and order the book(s) of your choice.


MICHAEL'S CTW Foundation

One dollar of every sale will go to Michael's Children of the World Foundation. If you would like to contribute additional funds to Michaels's CTW Foundation the order page will include a notation of your contribution





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