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The Adventures of the LIGHTHOUSE GANG

Michael A. Kuhn

The Lighthouse Gang is a group of young individuals depicted as animal characters. I choose to use the animal characters to allow the stories to be enjoyed in all cultures, nations, and religions.

I wrote these books to encourage children and parents to share more time together. Learning to read is critical to a child’s development and sharing the experience with their parents increases the bond. We all remember when our parents reading to us or when we were first able to read to them.

These books are enjoyed by parents and their children representing the early skilled readers to older children with weaker reading skills.

What if there are simple truths that go beyond the boundaries of societies, nations, and religions? Children though their innocence see broad truths better than adults. The stories in these books encourage the reader to discuss their beliefs, to search for answers, and to share their thoughts with their parents, family, and friends.

There presently are seven stories in the series. The books do not have to be read in order, however, new characters are introduced in each book of the series. In the seventh book you will find out why the group is called the Lighthouse Gang.

The first book is “Why is the Sky Blue?” This book has been in my thoughts for more than a decade. I have told my friends about the script of the book but never put it onto the page. While talking to a friend, I was encouraged to hang up the telephone and write the book. I hung up the phone and to my surprise I had completed the book in a day.

You can read a brief synopsis of each book by clicking on the links.

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