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You Lied
(Book Seven)

It is Howie’s birthday. He tells his mother that he wants all his friends to spend the night in tents in his backyard. Everyone arrives and they play games all afternoon. They stop for a snack and decide for fun to stay up all night. They decide to take a nap to help them stay up all night. As everyone is napping, Howie in his sleep yells, “You lied!”

Everyone wakes up and goes into Howie’s tent. They ask him why he yelled. Howie tells them he was dreaming that he was talking to God. Amy was surprised that Howie would tell God that God lied to him. Howie explains that he is mad because God does not answer his prayers. The group discusses their experiences with their prayers. They ask Howie how God lied to him. Mikey tells Howie he will tell him a secret if he shares with everyone. Howie tells his friends he asked God to help people like his friends and be more like them. Howie explains how each of his friends helps other people.

Each of his friends describes how Howie is a gift to them and other people. Brittney tells Howie she has a surprise for him. The whole group is surprised by what they see.

In the morning Howie’s friends ask him if there is anything else he would like to do. He tells his friend that he would like to go to their favorite place to play at the big oak tree. Everyone heads for the big oak tree. When they arrive Howie tells the group why he enjoys his adventures at the big oak tree. Someone in the group wonders where are the butterflies. Tami explains that sometimes when you look too hard you force whatever you are looking for away. It will show up when you do not expect it and it may be different than you expected.

One of Howie’s friends from school walks up to him and hands him a note. He tells Howie that an old man with gray hair and beard gave the note to him and asked him to give it to Howie. The group of friends are given their name.

Copyright©2008 Michael Alan Kuhn