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A Time To Sweat
(Book Six)

Mikey begins to sweat even though he is not hot or had been playing. When his mother sees him she is concerned and has him take a nap. As he is resting he notices that his heart feels like someone is standing on it. However, he is not afraid. The next morning he feels better. At lunch his friends notice that he is very quiet. They ask him what is wrong. Mikey shares his experience of sweating and the heavy feeling on his heart. Tami looks at Mikey and tells him that the night before she had a dream about him. In her dream he was sitting in a pool of water. Brittney is sitting at the next table. She gets up comes over to Mikey and his friends. She tells the group that she overheard their conversation and she had the same dream. The group decides to go to their favorite place to play at the big oak tree after school and they invite Brittney to come with.

After school the group meets but Mikey is not there. They find Mikey sitting on the steps and the sweat is pouring down his face. His hair is wet with sweat. Brittney and Tami say he looks like what they saw in their dream. They all start running to the big oak tree. When they arrive they are surprised that no one is there. The old man, old woman, or butterflies are nowhere to be found. They decide to sit at the base of the tree and wait for someone to come. They wait for a long time and nothing happens. They decide to go home and try again the next day. As they walk along, a black bird follows them home.

The next morning the black bird follows them to school. After school they walk down the path to the big oak tree but there is no black bird. When they arrive at the big oak tree they see the black bird sitting on the lowest branch. They sit in a circle. Mikey begins to sweat and he again fells the pressure in his chest. As they sit there a rainbow appears in the sky. They are amazed but confused as it has not rained in days. The black bird lands in the middle of their circle. Mikey closes his eyes and is silent for a couple minutes. He stops sweating and the pressure on his heart goes away. Mikey shares with his friends what he understands about the last couple of day’s events. The old man and woman skip down the path. They know they got it.

Copyright©2008 Michael Alan Kuhn