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Taylor’s choice
(Book Five)

Taylor’s excitement about finding new friends causes her mother to wonder why she is so excited. Taylor proclaims that she is normal and not weird. She continues to explain that her friends consider everyone to be the same. Taylor’s sister Alicia enters the room and proclaims that everyone is different. The conversation goes the way most sibling discussion go. Taylor asks her mother why other people think she is weird. He mother explains that others do not understand her unique ability to see with her heart. This opens a long discussion. Taylor decides to discuss with her friends the conversation she had with her mother.

On her way to school the next morning a butterfly lands on her finger. The butterfly stays on her finger the whole day. The other children seeing this amazing site causes quite a stir. At lunch Taylor discusses with her friends the conversation she had with her mother. The group of friends agrees they are different than their parents. (All generations believe they are different than their parents.) The group decides to go after school to their favorite place to play at the big oak tree. The butterfly that had been with Taylor all day flies away.

When they arrive at the big oak tree they see the old gray haired woman. The butterfly is sitting on her finger. They ask the old woman why children are different than their parents. The old woman tells them they have one more gift from God than their parents. The kids are confused more than when they started. They decide to climb the big oak tree and see if they can find the answer. As they look up they see the tree is filled with butterflies.

The whole group is amazed at what they see. All of sudden they notice coming down the path toward them is the old man and behind him are all their parents. The old man tells him the gift they and all generations receive. The butterflies are every where.

Copyright©2008 Michael Alan Kuhn