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A Promise Kept
(Book Three)


Natalie wakes up one morning and she decides that she wants God to make a promise. She thanks God for all her blessings and asks to be his loving light every day. To her surprise she hears in her thoughts, “A Promise Kept.” She does not understand what she heard in her thoughts.

Natalie is not her self all day. Her family and friend ask what is wrong. She insists there is nothing wrong. After a couple of days of no change in Natalie’s mood, her friends suggest they go to their favorite place to play at the big oak tree to see what may happen.

At the base of the tree they see Howie talking to an old woman. The old woman asks each of them about Natalie’s delemna. The old woman asks Natalie what is unique and what she admires about each of her friends. Natalie shares with the group what she sees as their unique qualities. The old woman helps them see how they compliment and help each other. The old woman walks away with a big smile and leaves them with a brief comment to let them know they are on the right track to find their answers.

All of sudden the old man with gray hair and beard climbs down the tree and hands an envelop to each one of the group. They read the contents of their envelope and begin to sing and dance as they realized they have found a wonderful lesson in life that makes each day easier. Natalie asks them what was written in their envelope.

She is surprised and her question to God is answered.




Copyright©2008 Michael Alan Kuhn