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(Book Two)

Mikey has a homework project to find a story that touches his heart. The story should motivate him to be part of the community. He reads the first couple section of the newspaper but cannot find a single story that makes him feel good. He tells his mother of his problem. She suggests he read the back section of the newspaper. There he finds an article about children helping other children that were less fortunate and do not have a single toys. Mikey was so touched by the story that it made him sad to think children in other parts of the world did not have simple things like toys. Mikey shared his sadness with his parents and proclaimed the every child should have a toy.

Mikey shares his thoughts with his friends. They love the idea and they suggest they ask God. Mikey is not sure because he says God knows there are poor children. The friends decide to go to the big oak tree to ask God for help. Mikey, Natalie, Tami, and Howie are walking to Amy’s house but they are surprised to see her sitting at the bottom of the big oak tree. She tells the group that she had a dream where all the children of the world were at the big oak tree. She came to the tree as soon as she finished her breakfast. Everyone is amazed at this coincidence (or is it?).

Everyone climbs the big oak tree to ask God for help. Each person has a very different request and experience. When they return to the base of the tree they share their experience. Each one has learned a wonder lesson of life just by being in harmony with their surroundings.

As they share their experience a man walks by with a child’s bicycle. They discover he is giving the bicycle away. They ask if they can have the bicycle to give to poor children. The man gives them the bicycle. They are excited.


Copyright©2008 Michael Alan Kuhn