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(Book One)

Why is the Sky Blue is the adventures of a group of children looking for answers in their own way to mysteries of life. Mikey is the first character introduced in the book. He wonders why the sky is blue. Mikey meets his friend and asks her why the sky is blue? She did not know. They decide to discuss the question with their parents.

After discussing the questions with their parents, Mikey and Natalie cannot wait to meet to discuss their findings. When they meet the next day they discover each of them has received a different answer.

The two friends join their other friends Tami and Howie and share their desire to know why the sky is blue. The group of friends is confused after they share their experience discussing the question with their parents and each receiving a different answer. They head off to their favorite place to play by the big oak tree.

At the big oak tree they decide to climb up the tree to get closer to the sky to see if they can find the answer. They are hoping they will find the one answer. During their time in the tree they each have amazing experiences. When they climb down the tree it was late and it looks like it is about to rain. The group decides to go home and meet in the morning to discuss their adventures.

After a long night of restless sleep they return the next morning to the base of the tree to share their experiences. Each of them describes their amazing experiences. However, they realized they did not have the single answer they were looking for.

An old man walks by and with a brief comment helps them understand their adventure and the answer to their question.

Copyright©2008 Michael Alan Kuhn