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Michael Alan Kuhn


I somehow knew my life would lead me to many different experiences. I come from humble and loving parents. My father was a blue color worker and my mother raised her five children. After high school I was drafted into the Army and eventually went on to Officer’s Candidate School. I was commissioned as an officer in the infantry and served as a combat infantry officer in Viet Nam. I returned home to complete college with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. I have been a businessman most of my life. I had never considered myself to be creative or artistic person. I guess I was like most people and placed limits upon myself.

I have told friends for decades about a childrens book that I wanted to write. I had purchased books on how to write childrens books and tried many times to write the book that was floating around in my head. One day a friend called and insisted that I hang up the telephone and write the book. I hung up the telephone and wrote the title on the page. To my surprise I completed the initial manuscript that day. This experience was so exciting that the next day I sat at my computer and wrote a title to another book a friend had suggested many years earlier. Again, the initial manuscript was complete that day. I followed this same process over the next six days. I even wrote two manuscripts in one day. In seven days I had written The Lighthouse Gang series of books.

I hope you enjoy these books and especially the time you spend with your children reading them.

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